2 popes and a plague are to blame for burning felines at the stake

Photo of cat by Pixabay obtained on Pexels.

Super-spies James Bond and Austin Powers don’t have cats. Neither does rogue operative Jason Bourne.

But some of their adversaries do. In fact, the image of a white Persian cat in Bond villain Ernst Blofeld’s lap is an indelible cultural image, as is that of the hairless cat that Dr. Evil cradles in the Austin Powers franchise.

If these furry creatures’ association with fictitious international criminals isn’t enough, cats also have been associated with witchcraft: In the Middle Ages, women who owned black cats came under suspicion as did the cats, who were assumed to be witches in disguise

Free Verse Poetry

Photo: Jesper Aggergaard from Unsplash

A bulging stomach. So large
it bursts across the seems
of my dress shirt. I feel the mass
pressing against the materials
of my clothing. I can manage.

I can manage, I think. As I walk
to I sense the buttons below my
chest exhausted from the pull.

A nod, and I start the meeting,
then take a seat. I tremendous
ripping sound echoes across
the room. I know the noise is me.

Because I’m overweight. No one
says a word. All souls are
expressionless. I think: “Did they miss that?
Or are they just being polite?”

Later, I learn…

Six months later, I’m still seeing the earnings roll in

Photo by Thought Catalogue obtained on Unsplash

I never put much thought into whether the article would go viral — but I put work into it to make the piece unique. To be sure, I spent hours upon hours writing and editing it, nothing to speak of getting feedback from people who knew more about the topic than I do.

Since the article is about race relations — and especially because I’m white — I wanted to make sure that people who had either worked in civil rights or who had experienced racism got to take a stab at it.

And that was before the publication editors…

Films show that dynamite and bricks don’t make a crook a genius

Source: Photo by Bermix Studio obtained on Unsplash

Every now and then, the someone is born into the world who would like to be thief — but in doing so puts his own life in danger (or at least the life of his partner in crime). These criminals’ activities show that they would be better off choosing an honest profession. But now that I think of it, all of these gems of insanely criminal inhumanity are probably too stupid to do any honest job, except maybe being the fry chef at McDonalds. …

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A moment of fortitude spreads the land

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A phrase about one simple pleasure in life

By the way, I’m white, and Medium is my platform for teaching

Photo taken by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona obtained on Unsplash

In early November 2020 — based on my experiences as a white person learning about race — I wrote an article about racial inequities in America. With more than 6.2K reads, it has become one of my most popular pieces.

I followed up my initial article with one about John Wayne’s racism; another about Jim Crow laws and religion; and a third about racial injustice — and the reader comments came in.

While most of the feedback on my articles were constructive, I did get a few racist responses. …

10 Remarkable Reasons Why Cats Are Odd

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam. Photo Obtained on Unsplash

Even the most dedicated feline lovers agree that cats are weird: Cats freak out over cucumbers, slumber all day and walk all over you while you sleep. Below I’ve provided answers the most common questions about why cats are so darn weird, hopefully demystifying your four-legged furry friends for you.

1) Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that videos have popped up online of cats freaking out over seeing cucumbers. As humorous as these videos are, they lead me to the question: why are cats so afraid of cucumbers? There are several theories…

Are you saying that success in a capitalist system is only defined by earning a lot of money? In February, Lebron James' front gate was defaced with a racial slur despite his financial success. In Jay-Z's case, despite the large proportion of Black people in the entertainment industry, they are not proportionately represented in leadership roles in the industry. In Beyonce's case, her name is supposed "Beyince", but her name was printed wrong on her birth certificate and officials refused to change it--telling her mother that she should be happy that her Black baby even got a birth certificate. The…

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