10 remarkable reasons why cats are odd

Even the most dedicated feline lovers agree that cats are weird: Cats freak out over cucumbers, slumber all day and walk all over you while you sleep. Below I’ve provided answers the most common questions about why cats are so darn weird, hopefully demystifying your four-legged furry friends for you.

Chickens, sheep and bugs are my companions, but it’s okay because I’ve been productive.

I must admit, the idea of taking a writing retreat never occurred to me until my supervisor asked me if I was planning to take leave over the holidays. I work for the government, so leave is pretty flexible.

(Likewise, during the almost two decades since I joined the government…

Read this, and you’ll see why most adverbs aren’t needed

Close-up of Lincoln Memorial.

I remember, in elementary school, when my teachers told me that adverbs were bad. Sure enough, if you go on Google, and type “are adverbs bad,” you’ll see a long chain of articles that say that typically agree with this argument.

Though the authors of several articles noted that, while…

My health comes first, bro.

Photo of author in cramped space. He can barely stand straight with the low, slanting ceiling

Last year at this time, The Washington Post reported that Maryland had administered 36,669 doses of the vaccine to health care workers, which represented a measly 15 percent of the doses state had been allotted.

The story on December 31, 2020, was similar in neighboring Virginia and states across America…

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