You can send a brick to let her know you are thinking about her

Hands cracking coconut

With the holidays just around the corner, friends and lovers have started rubbing their brain cells together to decide what to mail their sweethearts for Christmas. But some people have recommended that you mail your sweetie an orange with the message: “Orange you glad that I’m part of your life?”…

You owe your Amazon delivery to this 12th century man

Freigh ship under way at sea.

Bathymetry is the measurement of depth of water in oceans, seas or lakes. That strange-sounding science — bathymetry — is very important to your daily life, whether you are a lawyer, economist or construction worker. (Don’t worry, there’s a historical perspective here too, so stay tuned.)

For example, say you…

Willie Nelson follows them, and they are backed by research.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

The above quote is complements of Willie Nelson, who regularly postulates that every negative thought that you have will either kill you or give you cancer, or some other bad thing.

In other words, Nelson — one…

Jay Krasnow

Former CIA officer | Most-definite Southpaw — Mind Cafe | Better Marketing | Writers Cooperative | Investor’s Handbook. — Tweet: @JayKrasnow

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