How felines went from being revered as gods to being blamed for mental illness.

Photo by Tranmautritam obtained on Pexels

Ancient Egyptians worshipped Bastet, the cat goddess, who they believed protected women and children from disease. The Norse of old revered Freya, the ‘Queen of the Valkyries,’ who rode in a chariot led by two cats. And in China, farmers worshipped the cat goddess Li Shou as a harbinger of fertility.

Even in Peru, the Nazca, who lived two millennia ago, seemed to have had a soft spot for felines: Its people carved a 37-meter cat geoglyph in the face of the earth that can only be seen from the air. While the first Nazca geoglyphs were discovered in the…

The secret to creating a great marketing campaign with an old idea

A close up photo of the Moon
A close up photo of the Moon
Photo by gnuckkx obtained on Creative Commons

In 1977, George Lucas struck gold with his original idea, a blockbuster film called Star Wars. Except that, as Lucas himself has acknowledged, Star Wars — which has spawned 11 sequels — borrowed heavily from a film called The Hidden Fortress that Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa made. Star Wars, in turn, inspired Ridley Scott to make Alien, which itself has inspired five Alien sequels.

Meanwhile, many Marvel Universe fans are convinced that actor Tom Holland was made to be Spiderman. A third Holland Spiderman film is due to hit theaters in December. …

How Mom and Dad mock you, and what to do about it.

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In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a word for parents who make their kids feel worse about any possible difficult situation they face.

It’s called gaslighting parents. These parents are bullies who mock their own children.

In short, they exploit weaknesses by taunting or degrading their own children.

There’s a way to handle this, and I’ll share that at the end of this article, but first read some of the typical phrases that gaslighting parents use, and why they are so bad.

With that said, your parent might be gaslighting you if they use any of these phrases when they…

I’m convinced that I watch the Super Bowl because of Apple’s famous commercial

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More than 36 years ago, when Apple was still a relatively unknown computer company, it paid an estimated $250,000 to air a Super Bowl commercial known as “1984.”

And that wad of money was on top of the $650,000 that Apple had already paid an advertising company to develop and Ridley Scott — who had just struck gold with his film Blade Runner — to direct.

After watching a preview of the one-minute commercial, Apple board members universally panned it, and ordered the ad agency to sell the airtime for the Super Bowl spot. But executives at Chiat/Day, the ad…

2 popes and a plague are to blame for burning felines at the stake

Photo of cat by Pixabay obtained on Pexels.

Super-spies James Bond and Austin Powers don’t have cats. Neither does rogue operative Jason Bourne.

But some of their adversaries do. In fact, the picture of a white Persian cat in Bond villain Ernst Blofeld’s lap is an indelible cultural image, as is that of the hairless cat that Dr. Evil cradles in the Austin Powers franchise.

If these furry creatures’ association with fictitious international criminals isn’t enough, cats also have been linked to witchcraft: In the Middle Ages, women who owned black cats came under suspicion as did the cats, who were assumed to be witches in disguise

Free Verse Poetry

Photo: Jesper Aggergaard from Unsplash

A bulging stomach. So large
it bursts across the seems
of my dress shirt. I feel the mass
pressing against the materials
of my clothing. I can manage.

I can manage, I think. As I walk
to I sense the buttons below my
chest exhausted from the pull.

A nod, and I start the meeting,
then take a seat. I tremendous
ripping sound echoes across
the room. I know the noise is me.

Because I’m overweight. No one
says a word. All souls are
expressionless. I think: “Did they miss that?
Or are they just being polite?”

Later, I learn…

Six months later, I’m still seeing the earnings roll in

Photo by Thought Catalogue obtained on Unsplash

I never put much thought into whether the article would go viral — but I put work into it to make the piece unique. To be sure, I spent hours upon hours writing and editing it, nothing to speak of getting feedback from people who knew more about the topic than I do.

Since the article is about race relations — and especially because I’m white — I wanted to make sure that people who had either worked in civil rights or who had experienced racism got to take a stab at it.

And that was before the publication editors…

Films show that dynamite and bricks don’t make a crook a genius

Source: Photo by Bermix Studio obtained on Unsplash

Every now and then, the someone is born into the world who would like to be thief — but in doing so puts his own life in danger (or at least the life of his partner in crime). These criminals’ activities show that they would be better off choosing an honest profession. But now that I think of it, all of these gems of insanely criminal inhumanity are probably too stupid to do any honest job, except maybe being the fry chef at McDonalds. …

Photo by Stainless Images obtained on Unsplash

A moment of fortitude spreads the land

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